William Denys Samuelson



This post was written by Stephen Roberts

William Denys Samuelson was a middle-class young man residing in Hoylake at the time of the Great War, who, as the descendant of a prosperous Liverpool business family, is typical of many of the people recorded on the Grange Hill War Memorial. As far as I am aware, however, he is our first soldier with known Jewish heritage – a fact which is further evidence of the diversity of Merseyside’s population at that time. 

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George Hindley


This biography was written by Victoria Doran.

George was a West Kirby lad born and bred for many generations, who enlisted early in the War, but was discharged as unfit for service within weeks. He was, however, classified A when conscripted in 1917.

George Hindley photo jpg.jpg

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John Henry Quilliam


This post was written by Victoria Doran.

‘Bob’ Quilliam, as he was known, was a former soldier with a wife and family who lied about his age in September 1914 in order to be eligible to enlist.

J H Quilliam grave jpg.jpg

The age shown reflects what he told the army, he was actually aged 38 when he died

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Thomas Henry Lyon


This biography was written by Victoria Doran

Harry Lyon was a brave young Rifleman in the Liverpool Rifles who died just before the Battle of Passchendaele whilst attached to a Liverpool Pals battalion.

T H Lyons jpg.jpg

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5 Johnstone brothers


This post was written by Victoria Doran.

Benjamin and Johanna Johnstone lost 5 of their 7 sons in the War. They were asked to lay the first wreath at Grange Hill War Memorial when it was unveiled and dedicated on 16 December 1922.

War Memorial unveiling jpg.jpg

from Birkenhead News of 20 December 1922

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William Thomas & Alfred Kendrick


Written by Linda Trim

Frankby brothers both killed despite enlistment in different countries

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John Russell


This biography was written by Victoria Doran.

Jack Russell was one of many who died in the Battle of the Somme. He had returned from Australia to enlist in the Liverpool Rifles but died as a member of a Trench Mortar Battery.

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Albert and Arthur James Henshaw


Written by Linda Trim

West Kirby brothers who were both killed in July 1916 on the Somme.

liverpool-pals-badgeKing’s Liverpool Regiment Cap Badge Issued by Lord Derby to the Pals Battalions in 1914

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Joseph and Robert Hallows


This biography was written by Victoria Doran.

Joseph and Robert Hallows were brothers who both died in late 1918 having served from the beginning of the war.

Brickfield Cottage jpg.jpg

The sad end of Brickfield Cottage from the Hoylake News & Advertiser of 9 January 1959 following a fire

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Edward Hylton Wynne Hughes

The following biography was written by Victoria Doran. Edward is not mentioned on the Grange Hill War Memorial and does not feature in the Hoylake and West Kirby News and Advertiser‘s 1922 list; neither can his name be found on any church memorial plaques in West Kirby. He is, however, remembered on a memorial window in West Kirby Methodist Church.


Edward Hylton Wynne Hughes was called ‘Hylton’ (sometimes spelled ‘Hilton’) by his friends, so that is how these notes will refer to him. Although he is not recorded as a War Death by the Commonwealth War Graves Commission, there seems no doubt that all who knew him thought that his death occurred as a result of his wartime service, as the following article from the Deeside Advertiser makes clear. Several of those recorded by the Commonwealth War Graves Commission (CWGC) would seem to have had no greater reason to be included than Hylton , as he is most unlikely to have died when he did without suffering from his war service.    Continue reading “Edward Hylton Wynne Hughes”