Donald Reginald Cooper and Frederick Hylton Cooper

Despite sharing the same surname, the following two casualties were not related. Donald came from Shropshire and lived in Hoylake and Frederick came from West Kirby.

Donald George Reginald Cooper 

Donald Cooper
Donald Cooper

Don Cooper came from Shropshire. In 1911, he was living in a seven-roomed shop and house at 18 Market Street, Hoylake where he was employed by his second cousin, William Henry Davies as an apprentice tailor. William had been born in Whitchurch, Shropshire in about 1880 and was married to May, who was born in Llanrwst in about 1878. The couple had been married for eight years. Other members of the household were William’s seven year-old daughter, Annie Olwen, who had been born in Hoylake and Mary Davies, William’s niece, who had been born in Deganwy in about 1890. Continue reading “Donald Reginald Cooper and Frederick Hylton Cooper”


Charles Barlow Cooper and Edgar Cooper

The following two casualties shared the same surname and were first cousins once removed three times over, via their Cooper, Barlow and Pugh ancestors. I would like to thank Gail Brumfitt and Patricia Wilcock for their help in understanding the relevant family trees

Charles Barlow Cooper

Charles belonged to a well-known Hoylake fishing family, who resided in the centre of the old township of Hoose along with many other working class families, many of whom earned their livings by fishing. His parents were Joseph Cooper (1841-1892) and Jane Pugh (1841-1923). Charles’s middle name was inherited from his paternal grandmother, Ellen Barlow, who lived locally between 1809 and 1886. Continue reading “Charles Barlow Cooper and Edgar Cooper”