Ernest Teanby


This post was written by Victoria Doran.

Ernest Teanby was a young private in the King’s Shropshire Light Infantry who died during the Ottoman retreat to Jerusalem in Palestine.

Eccelston War Memorial.jpeg

WW1 Roll of Honour at St Mary, Eccleston, Cheshire
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Reginald and Sydney Heal


This post was written by Victoria Doran, but incorporates material originally posted for Reginald by Stephen Roberts. It benefits from information gleaned from ‘The House that Percy Built’ a book written by Reginald and Sydney’s nephew, Syd Heal.

Reginald and Sydney were brothers who both served as Privates in the Cheshire Regiment, Reginald in the 15th (Bantam) Battalion and Sydney in the 12th Battalion.

Cheshire cap badge.JPG

Cheshire Regiment cap badge

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Gordon Dunbar Ferguson


This post was written by Victoria Doran.

This is the tale of the only man in the Book of Remembrance who is recorded as having died of shell shock. It is made especially poignant by the family’s history of many decades of ┬áservice as warrant officers in the regular army throughout the Victorian era.

Gordon Dunbar Ferguson BR entry.jpeg

Book of Remembrance entry

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Richard Waters


This post was written by Victoria Doran.

Richard Waters was an Old Caldeian and Liverpool Pal killed on the first day of the Battle of the Somme who came from a typical middle class background, but whose home circumstances were far from ideal.

Liverpool Pals JPG.jpg

Liverpool Pals cap badge

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Clement Robert Carmichael Wallworth


This post was written by Victoria Doran.

Clement Wallworth was the only son in a family that had been prosperous rather than wealthy for many generations. With a promising future ahead of him he joined the Royal Naval Air Service on leaving boarding school at the age of 18.

St Bees School war memorial.jpeg

St Bees School, Cumberland War Memorial from here.

The names of the 45 men who died are recorded in the nearby school chapel

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Nicholas Albert Roy van Gruisen


This post was written by Victoria Doran.

Nicholas Albert Roy van Gruisen was the third generation of his family to run a piano making business in Liverpool and was an officer in the 9th (Territorial) Battalion of the King’s Liverpool Regiment for many years before the war.

NAR Van Gruisen 1915.jpg

Nicholas Albert Roy van Gruisen in 1918 by Frank Thomas Copnall – Museum of Liverpool

As the artist only died in 1949 this may be under copyright. Please accept my apology if anyone is upset by this use of the image.

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