Names are listed below under three categories – the 334 names which appear on the Grange Hill Memorial, the 37 names which  were listed in The Hoylake and West Kirby News and Advertiser of 22nd December 1922 but do not appear on the Memorial and the growing number which have been discovered in other sources or on any of the other local memorials (such as those in West Kirby and Hoylake Parish Churches and in Grange Cemetery) and are not in the first two lists.

In researching the biographies of the people on the Grange Hill War Memorial, it has become apparent that some individuals seem to have had a relatively minor association with the West Kirby area, whereas others with stronger connections have not been so commemorated. It seems fair, therefore, to include, in the third category, anybody who seems to have had any sort of association with the area covered by the Memorial, as long as he or she was pinpointed as having had such an association by any kind of contemporary source. An example of this phenomenon is George Ricardo Simpson who came from Chester and is recorded on the Upton By Chester War Memorial, but who attended the Leas School on Meols Drive and was mentioned by the Deeside Advertiser as having been remembered by local people. He is also on the Hoylake and West Kirby News and Advertiser’s 1922 list. Once the research has been completed, I should not be surprised  if the total war dead from the area is shown to have been a figure in excess of 410.

There was no systematic process for collecting the names on the Hoylake and West Kirby News and Advertiser’s 1922 list. At least 6 names have been found where either it is known the man survived to old age, or it is believed that an error was made. These men have their names in italics in the list.

Click on a highlighted name in order to find that person’s biography. Biographies will be added frequently, so keep checking the site for updates.

Full Names Of People Appearing on the War Memorial

George Wordsworth Allen
Hew Graham Anderson
William James Andrews
Arthur Tryweryn Apsimon
John Francis Ashby
Francis Wright Atherton
Harold Atkinson
George Walter Atkinson
Thomas Burrows Baker
Arthur Banks
William Banks
Edith Frances Barker
Arthur Barlow
Samuel Barlow
Septimus Harold Barlow
Samuel Frank Barnes
Albert Edward Barton
Arthur Sefton Bate
John Beck
William George Beck
Wilson Bell
Richard Charles Benyon
George William Bevan
John Lilley Binner
Ernest Bird
Frederick Bird
George Trevor Bird
Richard Henry Bird
Thomas Hazlehurst Bird
Eric Blackburn
William Henry Bloor
Frank Booth
Walter Boughey
Richard Bradley
Thomas Reginald Brassey
Arthur Crosfield Brattan
John Brighouse
Thomas Bucknall
Vivian Burchill
Bertie Burns
Fred Carr
Frederick Carr
Francis Edward Case
Alfred Abraham Casson
Colin Chappell
Alfred Bayley Chase
Charles Frederic Cherry
John Edward Christian
Herbert Clarke
Henry William Howell Collett
Sidney Collins
Arthur Clifford Cook
George Trevor Roper Cook
George Frederick Cooke
William Arthur George Cooke
Charles Barlow Cooper
Donald George Reginald Cooper
Edgar Cooper
Frederick Hylton Cooper
Charles Cowderoy
Harold Reginald Crighton
Edward Nielson Crooks
Edward Smethurst Crowder
Hugh Lockwood Cruttwell
Frederick William Cumpstey
James Dangerfield
Edward Webster Davies
Harry Davies
James Hatton Davies
John Albert Pugh Davies
Joshua Davies
Robert Smith Davies
William Henry Davies
Thomas Dawson
John Glenton Dent
George Thomas Devaney
James Devaney
John Henry Dickinson
Frank Dodd
William Herbert Dodd
Tom Dodimead
Reginald Charles Dreaper
Leslie Finlay Dun
Thomas James Dwight
Donald Eastwood
Leslie Eastwood
John Edwards
Thomas Edwards
Leonard George Emerson
Thomas Emmerson
Edmund Evans
James Collingwood Evans
John Evans
Charles Edward Fairbanks
Francis Lancelot Farnall
Gordon Dunbar Ferguson
Richard Fletcher
James Laurance Founds
Charles Foster
Frederick Foster
Thomas Foster
Evelyn Fairfax Meadows Frost
Martin Furlong
James Houghton Getty
Arthur Gittins
John Godfrey
Edward Dermot Ledlie Gonnor
Ernest Robert Goodwin
John Graham
Morrice Greer
George Philip Gregg
Edward Grisdale
Walter Hall
Joseph Hallows
Robert Hallows
Thomas Hill Hammond
Richard A Harding
Raymond Harkness
George James Harris
David Hartness
Arthur Haskins
Alfred Hatton
John Hatton
Oliver Hatton
William Hatton
Charles Hazlehurst
George Hazlehurst
George Alfred Hazlehurst
William Hazlehurst
Reginald Heal
Sydney Heal
George Viney Hening
Arthur James Henshaw
Albert Henshaw
Ernest Stewart Heron
Alec Rowan Herron
Ernest Herschell
William Harry Hewitt
Geoffrey Lea Higgins
Harold Lea Higgins
Ernest Hill
John Clifford Hilton
Williamson Spencer Hind
Kenneth Hinde
George Hindley
George Holden
Francis John Hollowell
George Holmes
Thomas Holmes
William Holmes
John Hore
William Courtney Hore
Eric Bernard Hough
Ernest Houghton
Richard Edward Houghton
George Eyton Houldsworth
Edwin Hughes
James Hughes
Ernest Victor Ingham
John Jackson
Sidney Jackson
James Redfern Johnston
Benjamin William Johnstone
Ernest Johnstone
James Johnstone
Joseph Johnstone
Walter Johnstone
Albert Edwin Jones
David Eugene Jones
Harold David Jones
John Reginald Jones
John Leonard Jones
Owen Henry Jones
Robert Charles Moesch Jones
Samuel Jones
Thomas Frederick Jones
Ernest James Kelly
Herbert Kelsall
Douglas Wall Kemp
Alfred Kendrick
William Thomas Kendrick
Charles Edward Kershaw
Rupert Firth Kettle
Lionel Richard Thacker King
Sydney William Thacker King
John Kenneth Kniveton
Harold Leslie Knowles
Alfred Ernest Lally
Arthur Lally
Frederick Edward Lancashire
Paul Lancaster
Percy Lancaster
James Reginald Lancaster
Albert Edward Lawrence
Samuel Henry Lever
Horrocks William Leech
Edwin Lester
Frank Lester
John Lewin
William Owen Lewis
Charles Paraviso Lindner
Francis Rubenstein Linekar
George William Linekar
John Henry Little
John James Lloyd
Lawrence Pope Lucas
Thomas Lunt
Thomas Henry Lyon
Lewis Alexander McAfee
Charles Brown McCammon
Bryden McKinnell
William Lee Maddock
William Henry Noel Marples
Nicholas Clayton Marsh
Frederick Edwin Mayhew
Cecil Meadows
Harry Geoffrey Wayte Mears
William Clarke Mitchell
Frank Monteath
James Hunter Morris
John Morris
John Peattie Morris
Maurice Edgar Moss
Alan Gifford Nicholson
John Samuel Nicholson
Joseph Thomas Nobes
James Rainford Norman
Arthur Michael O’Neil
Matthew O’Neill
George William Ouldred
Arthur Luston Owen
Percy Reginald Owen
Clifford Parkinson
John Parkinson
Frederick Parr
Harold Samuel Parr
William Parr
Henry Ernest Peers
William Arthur Pinnock
Frederick Poyntz Poore
Harold Morris Porter
John Edward Porter
Percy James Poston
Arthur Thomas Pownall
Harry Pownall
James Pownall
John Alfred Pownall
John Charles Pownall
Frank Price
William Price (Chesh. Reg.)
William Price (R.F.)
Thomas Edward Pringle
William Charles Pringle
Thomas Henry Pritchard
Edwin Prytherch
Joseph Pugh
John Henry Quilliam
John William Radford
Edward Railton
Alfred George Rigby
Walter John Rigby
Walter Riley
Charles Theodore Roberts
James Herbert Robertson
William Ernest Rogers
Claude Eugene Rooke
Henry Clive Rooke
Albert Edward Ross
Robert Ross
Harry Clyde Rowland
John Russell
Thomas Stanley Rutter
James Courtney Salisbury
Joseph Arthur Salisbury
William Denys Samuelson
Harold Saxon
Arthur Hoyle Scholefield
John Scott
Robert Scott
William Scott
Eric Francis Sellars
Herbert Whiteley Sellars
Henry Shakeshaft
John Henry Shakeshaft
William Herbert Shakeshaft
Stanley Shakespear
James Shaw
Harold Sherlock
George Edward Sherratt
Wilfred Ernest Shone
Reginald Simister
William Mathias Simpell
Charles Ledward Smith
Ernest Smith
Robert Smith
Samuel Smith
William George Smith
John Alexander Sneddon
Harry Sparrow
Herbert Spencer
William Arthur Stallard
Walter Stanley
Basil Stott
Ernest Teanby
George Sydney Thomas
Henry Thompson
John Lancelot Tillotson
Frederick Tottey
Nicholas Albert Roy Van Gruisen
Harry Walker
Leonard Comer Wall
Clement Robert Carmichael Wallworth
Reginald Warbrick
William Waring
Richard Waters
Richard Bunster Wayland
Thomas Henry Webster
William Webster
Thomas Edwin West
Frank Wharton
Samuel Ernest Wharton
Herbert James Whelan
Frederick Wilkinson
Albert Oliver Williams
Horace Williams
Hubert Litton Williams
Norman Lloyd Williams
Robert Harold Williams
Josiah Athestan Ulrick Williamson
Maude Millicent Wilson
William Thomas Witt
George Woods
William Henry Wright

Names of People Mentioned in The Hoylake and West Kirby Advertiser of 22nd December 1922, But Not Inscribed on the Memorial

John Aitken
Ernest Banks
William Bates
Leonard J Bates
Ernest B Brown
Herbert Doyle
Edmund Emerson
George Evans
Henry Harding
William James Harkness
Philip Harrow
James Hewitt
Alan Ingham
Frederic Devereux Jessop
Thomas McNaught
Albert Ernest Mann
Harold Marsden
William Charles Mawdsley
Ritson Miller
Albert Morton Monks
Ralph Troupe Moodie
Harold Morris
H L F Nichols
W Ormsher
Robert Rice Owen
W Plant
Edwin Blackaller Poston
J P Price
G E Ransom
Harry Shepherd/Sheppard
George Ricardo Simpson
John Albert Smith
Robert Francis Loder Symonds
Hugh Taylor
Christian Peter Tenbosch
Arthur Thompson
Frederick Wilson

Names Appearing in Other Sources

George William Ashby – Deeside Advertiser 

Charles Henry Barnard – Alfred H Read pilot boat mined

John Rowlands Bevan – Hoylake Roll of Honour 

Robert Walter Bird – Lusitania casualty

Benjamin Brown – Research by Victoria Doran

Alan Buchanan – Hoylake Roll of Honour

Blanche Gregory Chalmers – Lusitania casualty

Claude Rex Cleaver – Research by Victoria Doran

T Cotgreave – Deeside Advertiser

William Herbert Davies – St. Bridget’s Church Yard, West Kirby

Richard Davies – Hoylake Roll of Honour

Charles Henry Dwyer – Hoylake Roll of Honour

Thomas Edmonds – Hoylake Roll of Honour

Alexander Edwards – St Bridget’s Church Yard, West Kirby

John Gorton – Hoylake Roll of Honour

Henry James Gutteridge – Book of Remembrance

Samuel Guy – Holy Trinity Church Yard, Hoylake

Christopher Ridler Hale – Holy Trinity Church Yard, Hoylake

Colin A Harragin – Holy Trinity Church Yard, Hoylake

Katherine Harragin – Holy Trinity Church Yard, Hoylake

Francis Alan Hollis Hawksley Hill – St Bridget’s Church Yard, West Kirby

Arnold Frost Hood Daniel – St Bridget’s Church Yard, West Kirby

Edward Hylton Wynne Hughes – West Kirby Methodist Church Memorial Window

Percy Thornton Jackson – Lusitania casualty

Sidney Johnstone – Book of Remembrance

Edgar Cecil Jones – St Bridget’s Church Yard, West Kirby

Owen Jones – Book of Remembrance

William Jones – Lusitania casualty

Edward Hext Kendall – Research by Heather Chapman

George Thacker King – St. Bridget’s Church Yard and Parish War Memorial, West Kirby

John Richard Lacey – Research by Heather Chapman

John Arnold LeesWest Kirby News

Alfred Henry Maitland – Hoylake Roll of Honour

Edwin George Massey – St Bridget’s Church Yard, West Kirby

Thomas Philp Massey – St Bridget’s Church Yard, West Kirby

Edwin Kingsley Poole – Book of Remembrance

Frederick Price – Hoylake Roll of Honour

Albert ProbertDeeside Advertiser

Frederick George Probert – brother of Albert Probert

Hubert Thomas de Bloire Russell – Book of Remembrance

Emily Shaw – Lusitania casualty

Albert Edward Shepherd – St. Bridget’s Church Yard, West Kirby

William C Smith – Hoylake Roll of Honour

Frances Ramsay Stephens – Lusitania casualty

John Harrison Chatham Stephens – Lusitania casualty

Geoffrey Ellison Wilkinson – Deeside Advertiser

Thomas Henry Williams – Lusitania casualty

Annie Williams – Lusitania casualty

David Williams – Lusitania casualty

Ethel Williams – Lusitania casualty

Florrie Williams – Lusitania casualty

George Albert Williams – Lusitania casualty

John William Wishart – Book of Remembrance


16 thoughts on “Names

  1. My uncle Colin John Holden is inscribed on the Grange Hill war memorial, but I don’t see his name on your list. Deffo there cos I have seen it. He was a resident of West Kirby living at Westminster Bank House, Banks Rd with his parents when he was killed in 1946.

    1. Hello Denise. Thanks for that. Yes he is definitely on the War Memorial, but on the Second World War Section, which is not included in this blog. When I have finished the WWI biographies, possibly in about four years’ time, I might tackle the WWII casualties. Was Colin related to George Holden, who is on the WWI section?

  2. my great grandfather charles cowderoy is on the memorial,i have been told his name is also on
    memorial in birkenhead,but i have never been down to see it;my father was born a month after charles was killed,we have no photos of him,my brothers son is doing some more research on him;will let you know when we have more info;

      1. Hi.Steve,
        A bit of info about my grandfather who is on the west Kirby memorial.
        Charles Cowderoy,
        His name is also on the menin gate,Cowderoy pte Charles 56443.16bn,royal Welch fusiliers.31st July,1917″
        Charles enlisted in the Cheshire regiment 17799 in Birkenhead as he was born in new ferry.,I did write to regimental headquarters in Chester,in 1979 they said cross posting of Men in war time was a common occurrence.
        They also said they went to suvla bay,and fought Dardanelles until Dec 1915.
        My father said that his father went to Gallipoli,also he fell into a shell hole and another bomb exploded over him,
        My father was born in Feb 1918,I presume he did not know his wife was pregnant,
        The link with west Kirby memorial is that Charles married Lillian armitage from hoylake,

    1. Hi Dave, don’t know if you remember me or not but we were in contact several years ago through Brian Armitage who sadly died in 2006.

      1. Hi Gail; I can’t remember do you live in Australia;I am still in touch with Brian’s wife, Val.

  3. Grandfathers name is on brombourgh memorial,went to see it last week,
    Keep in touch Gail
    Dave cowderoy

  4. My great uncle’s names, Thomas Henry Pritchard, is on the memorial. I have researched him and he was with the Liverpool Pals regiment and died on 9th April 1917 in France. He is buried at Janval cemetery, Dieppe. His father, William Edward Pritchard, was the stationmaster of the West Kirby joint station from 1890 to early 1923. He transferred to Hooton but sadly died in May 1923. Thomas is also commemorated at St.Bridget’s church in West Kirby. The family lived in Westbourne Road and later in Brookfield Road.

    1. That is very interesting Brian. Thank you very much. I will let Victoria – our West Kirby expert – know and she will probably correspond with you in order to publish his biography.

      1. Thanks Stephen. It would be interesting to correspond with Victoria. Perhaps we both find out some further info about the family. I will certainly pass on anything I have found.

  5. Ah. Perhaps that is Victoria Doran from the West Kirby Museum next to St.Bridgets church. I am indeed in contact with her and visited the museum with my sister early Dec14. She has already been very helpful.

  6. Hi

    I posted a message on here about a week ago about my Great Uncles Walter and Alfred RIGBY who are named on the Memorial. I have already carried out some research on them and also on my grandfather Cecil Arthur RIGBY who survived the war and I was told that this may be of some use to you. Unfortunately I have lost the email with the details of who replied to me and where I should send the information to, so if you could let me know how to get the material to you I will forward it.

    Thank you and regards

    Mike SELCON

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