Notes and a Key to References and Sources

At the end of each person’s biography is a section labelled Notes. This summarises the individual’s basic biographical details which might not be mentioned in the biography. The last entry is called Sources and lists the sources which have been used to construct the particular biography. A key to abbreviations appears below.

Where birth dates are known, they are quoted in full. Where they have been estimated using individuals’ ages at death or ages quoted in censuses and other sources, birth years are written like this – c.1890. In these cases the actual birth year could have been a year either side of the one quoted. When references to births have been located in general register office files, but birth certificates have not been obtained, the year is quoted along with the last month of the quarter in which the birth was registered. For example, if a person’s birth was registered in the June quarter of 1890, it will be recorded thus – June1890; but the actual registration could have taken place in either April, May or June. The registration is likely to have occurred very soon after the child’s birth.

Key to Abbreviations used in Biographies
BC = Birkenhead Cenotaph
Bn. = Bidston Parish War Memorial
BN = Birkenhead News
BOB = Birkenhead School Old Boys WWI War Memorial
Bpt. = Baptism record from a relevant parish register
BR = Book of Remembrance
C = Caldy Parish War Memorial
CG = Calday Grange Grammar School War Memorial
CGB = Calday Grange Grammar School book of pupils who served in WW1
Crookenden = The History of the Cheshire Regiment in the Great War (Uckfield: The Naval and Military Press, No Date)
CWGC = Commonwealth War Graves Commission
DA = Deeside Advertiser
DR = De Ruvigny’s Roll of Honour
F = Frankby Parish War Memorial
FT = Members’ public family trees hosted by
GB = The Green Book – a Directory of Hoylake and West Kirby, 1911
GH = Grange Hill War Memorial
H = Hoylake Parish War Memorials, both of which are housed in St. Hildeburgh’s Church, Hoylake
HUDC = Hoylake Urban District Council minutes and year books
ICRC = International Committee of the Red Cross Prisoner of War records
LC = Liverpool Cenotaph
LDP = Liverpool Daily Post
LE = Liverpool Echo
LG = London Gazette
LM = Liverpool Mercury
LS = Leas School War Memorial housed at St Hildeburgh’s Church, Hoylake
MC = Medal Card and/or Regimental Medal Rolls
NM = Newton Methodist War Memorial housed at West Kirby Methodist Church
P = Prenton War Memorial
PR = Parish Registers
Prob. = Probate
PS = Port Sunlight War Memorial
RCV = Red Cross Volunteer Records
RL = Royal Liverpool Golf Club War Memorial
RSE – Register of Servicemen’s Effects
SR = Service Records and/or Pension Records for the Army, the Royal Navy or Colonial Forces (Australia, Canada and New Zealand)
T = Thurstaston War Memorial
U = Upton War Memorial
URC = United Reform Church, West Kirby – formerly Presbyterian
WK = West Kirby Parish War Memorial housed in St Bridget’s Church, West Kirby
WKED = Minute Book of Committee re 1876 Education Act in West Kirby, Caldy & Grange
WKM = West Kirby Methodist Church War Memorial
WKN = West Kirby News
WKS = West Kirby Sailing Club War Memorial
WY = Wallasey War Memorial
39 = 1939 National Register


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