This page will grow all the time.

I should like to thank:

Syd Bird for lending the post card of Hoylake Station, appearing in Charles Cherry’s biography and for the pictures associated with Arthur and William Banks’s homes in Great Meols.

Helen Carr for sharing her photographs of Fred Carr

Heather Chapman for lots of relevant information, sharing articles from The West Kirby News, photographs and for timely corrections and additions to the biographies of George Wordsworth Allen,  Francis Wright AthertonAlfred Abraham Casson , Alfred Bayley Chase, John Edward Christian, Herbert Clarke and Sidney Collins

Val Frost for the article from The Deeside Advertiser reporting Jack Christian’s father’s letter about the alms houses and the article from The West kirby News about Jack’s life-saving activities.

Al Green for lending the photograph of Acacia Grove in Sidney Collins’s Biography.

Eve Pryde-Roberts for information about the Parrs, general encouragement and genealogical advice of an extremely high quality.

Frank Sherratt for researching the graves at Grange Hill, in St. Bridget’s Churchyard and on the Western Front,

David Silcock for his genealogical advice, drawing the Map of the West Kirby area in 1914 and for general encouragement and enthusiasm.

Peter Smith who kindly gave permission for us to use his research on William and John Hore. Peter has researched the men listed on the Padstow War Memorial, and his work can be found on the Padstow Museum Website:

Peter Threlfall for sharing his notes about all the people on the memorial, for showing me the Great War graves in St. Bridget’s Churchyard, for general help and advice, proof-reading, for sharing a record about Ernest Herschell and information about Frank Booth and the Meeanee Day Raid.

Patricia Wilcock for sharing her family tree and thereby helping with the biographies for Charles Barlow and Edgar Cooper.

Members of the Research team who have written biographies are acknowledged on the Reasearch Team page.


9 thoughts on “Acknowledgements

      1. Gail,
        Dave Cowderoy here,as always my brothers and family went to the service on grange hill on Sunday,my brother rays daughter says you are in contact with her regarding grandad Charles Cowderoy,
        Sussane says that there is a grave for Charles,but as far as in know,there is no known grave,we plan to go to Chester museum soon ,to see if any news there,
        Trust it is sunny in Australia,
        Brother ray said you lived in gilroy rd west Kirby?

    1. Just a quick note to say Stephen, the grange hill service was busy on Sunday,son Andrew,and nephew Richard where both in the RAF,and laid a wreath, for Charles
      ‘Thanks for all you have done for getting all the info printed out,
      We have been to St.Bridget’s centre to read about the wars,
      Once again many thanks

      1. Oh you are very welcome David. Thanks for your positive feedback. It is nice to know that we are achieving our aims. It is a slow and painstaking process but we should have published a the biographies by 2018. However, the work will never end as we try to understand the impact of WW1 on the local community.

  1. A big thank you to Victoria Doran for her excellent research on William Pinnock 1885-1920, my great Aunt Beatrice Pinnock’s older brother.

    1. Yes indeed. And thanks from me to Victoria for writing so many excellent biographies whilst I have written very few.

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