G E Ransom


This post was written by Victoria Doran.

This name occurs on the list in the Deeside Advertiser of 1922 when the Grange Hill War Memorial was unveiled.

It has not been possible to determine who it refers to.

The Commonwealth War Graves Commission has 2 deaths for G E Ransom, both called George Edward Ransom.

The first is George Edward Ransom born September 1891 in Charlton Kings, Gloucestershire. He enlisted at the age of 14 as a drummer in The Queens (Royal West Surrey) Regiment and served continuously until his death in Flanders on 7 November 1914. None of his service was in Wirral. So he had no opportunity to live in Wirral and cannot be the man referred to.

The second in George Edward Ransom born in the autumn of 1875 in Catsfield, Sussex.  He lived with his family in Sussex until he enlisted on 24 Feb 1893 in the 16th (Queens) Lancers. He served until put on the reserve on 25 November 1902. He married a Sussex girl in Sussex in the summer of 1904. In 1911 he was living in Ewhurst, Surrey and working as a gardener. On 30 Sep 1914 he re-enlisted in his former regiment. He did not serve overseas, and was discharged for ‘sickness’ on 27 August 1916. He died of tuberculosis on 29 January 1918. It is possible that he sent a short period in Wirral between November 1902 and September 1914, but there is no reason to suppose he did so.

It is possible that the G E Ransom listed did not actually die (as for several others named in the list), but it is not possible to determine who they might be.

Any information resolving this would be gratefully received.


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