Arthur Haskins 1886 – 1918

This Biography was written by Stephen Roberts and appears by Permission of Julie Hazler for whom it was originally written.

Arthur Haskins belonged to a well-known Hoylake business family who originated in the south of England. He served in a London regiment and was killed at the relatively advanced age of 32 during the first day of the Battle of the Aisne on 27 May 1918. Arthur’s service records have not survived, so this biography has been constructed using a variety of other primary and secondary sources which will be explained as we come across them.


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William Denys Samuelson 1896-1917


This post was written by Stephen Roberts

William Denys Samuelson was a middle-class young man residing in Hoylake at the time of the Great War, who, as the descendant of a prosperous Liverpool business family, is typical of many of the people recorded on the Grange Hill War Memorial. As far as I am aware, however, he is our first soldier with known Jewish heritage – a fact which is further evidence of the diversity of Merseyside’s population at that time. 

The Samuelson family has an interesting history: William’s oldest known paternal ancestor was Hyman or Henry Samuelson (1764-1813), his great great grandfather, who began life in London and finished up in Jamaica. Hyman was almost certainly a wealthy merchant, as most of his descendants were similarly employed. His son, Samuel Henry (1794-1863) was born in the USA and died in Kingston-upon-Hull in Yorkshire. Samuel’s son, James (1829-1918) was the first member of the family to live in Hoylake. He was there by 1901, having previously lived in Hull and Sculcoates in Yorkshire, Shaw and Everton in Lancashire and Claughton in Wirral. By 1911, he was boarding at number 13 Airlie Road in Hoylake. His son was William Newton Samuelson (1858-1940), who was born in Liverpool, died in Caldy and was the father of William Denys Samuelson, our soldier and Great War casualty. The family’s most famous member was William Senior’s brother (our soldier’s uncle) Sir Bernard Samuelson Bart. P.C F.R.S. (1820-1905), Liberal M.P. for Banbury in 1859 and between 1865 and 1895.

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