William James Harkness


This post was written by Victoria Doran

This is another of the names listed in the Deeside Advertiser of 1922 (when the War Memorial was unveiled) who did not actually die but lived to a ripe old age.

William James Harkness was a postman in West Kirby before he joined up (probably was conscripted) in June 1916. He served in Salonika, probably in the Machine Gun Corps, and was wounded on 21 March 1917 as reported

W J Harkness DA 1917 20 04.jpegDeeside Advertiser 20 April 1917

It was later reported that he had had a leg amputated

DA 1917 07 06.jpeg

Deeside Advertiser 6 July 1917

However he did not died of his wounds. He constinued to work for the Post Office (as an indoor postman) until at least 1939, when he was living at 35 Victoria Road, West Kirby with his family. He actually died on 27 January 1962 at 12 Hilbre Road, West Kirby, aged 79.

Confusion probably arose as his wife, Alice, died in the autumn of 1917 leaving him with at least 2 children. He remarried in the autumn of 1918 at Ellesmere, Shropshire, so may not have been in West Kirby in 1922 to contradict the list. He outlived his considerably younger wife second wife, Nellie.

Sources: 1911 Census, Probate, 1939 Register, Deeside Advertiser, GRO death records


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