Robert Francis Loder-Symonds

I am re-posting this due to having added an extract from the West Kirby News which tells us why Captain Loder Symonds was so well remembered in West Kirby.

An Imperishable Record

Robert Francis Loder-Symonds

Gail Brumfitt wrote this biography over two years ago. At that time, Gail commented that a connection between Captain Loder-Symonds and the West Kirby area had not been found. Since then, Heather Chapman has kindly made digital copies of “The West Kirby News” available to the research team and the following article was discovered, dated 5th September 1914:

32-1914-sep-5-war1 West Kirby News 5th September 1914: Captain Loder Symonds leaves West Kirby

Captain Loder Symonds clearly made a very positive impression on the local populace. It is remarkable that, over eight years after his departure from the district, following a short stay, he was still remembered by people who had proposed putting his name on the war memorial. It says a lot about the man, but also reminds us of the vagaries of the decision making process about who would actually be commemorated in the post war years.


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