Leslie Finlay Dun


This biography was written by Victoria Doran.

Leslie Dun was a well educated middle class young man from a Scottish background with a strong golfing connection, who died due to one lucky German shell strike during an otherwise rather quiet period on the Western Front.

Leslie F Dun photo.jpg

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George Hindley


This biography was written by Victoria Doran.

George was a West Kirby lad born and bred for many generations, who enlisted early in the War, but was discharged as unfit for service within weeks. He was, however, classified A when conscripted in 1917.

George Hindley photo jpg.jpg

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Research and Guiding Services Offered By The Founder of the Website

Dear Reader,

Stephen Roberts

Stephen Roberts

I have been a history teacher for over 30 years, but beginning at the end of July this year, I will be starting a new phase in my career: I am investing the skills and knowledge I have acquired as the result of being a trained historian, teacher, researcher and author into a small business which provides a unique combination of services.

You might have enjoyed reading the biographies on this website which have been written either by myself or by one of my colleagues. I can write biographies of your ancestors using the same resources and more. I offer a professional and friendly service at prices which are affordable and graduated according to the size of the biography which the available sources make it possible to write. Have a look at my business website for more details or ask me about it directly via email (address at the bottom of the page).

I am also a battlefield guide: I plan and lead bespoke tours, for groups of any size, to any of the historic places in Northern France and Belgium, but especially to those associated with the Great War. It might be that you would like to retrace the steps of an ancestor or military unit or that you would like to learn about particular battles or see certain memorials. Simply discuss your ideas with me and I will arrange a suitable package for you.

Trenches at Auchonvillers, Somme

Trenches at Auchonvillers, Somme

I love the history and landscape of Britain and enjoy organising fascinating and personalised tours of British battlefields and historic sites. I have a special interest in the Romans in the North of England and can arrange tours of Hadrian’s Wall as well as of Roman towns such as Chester. Other areas of expertise include the English Civil War, The Jacobite Rebellions of 1715 and 1745 and the impact of the Slave Trade on the North West of England. If you live overseas and are hoping to visit the U.K and to take in some of our rich history and heritage, I will be delighted to create an itinerary for you and, if you wish, to act as a guide. Essentially, I am keen to discuss any needs you might have. Please feel free to get in touch.

Hadrian's Wall

Hadrian’s Wall

In addition, I offer my services as a historical researcher capable of tackling any subject in which you might be interested. Simply email me with details of requirements at: northwesthistory58@gmail.com or follow the link to my business website.

Thank you for reading this page. I hope to hear from you soon.

All the Best,

Stephen Roberts