Charles Henry Barnard


Charles Henry Barnard was one of the 19 Liverpool Pilots killed when the ‘Alfred H Read’ hit a German mine on 28 December 1917 at the Bar. At 60 he was also one of the oldest men to die in service.

Pilot Boat Alfred H Read.jpg

Pilot Boat No. 1 Alfred H Read from

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William Thomas & Alfred Kendrick


Written by Linda Trim

Frankby brothers both killed despite enlistment in different countries

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Edward Dermot Ledlie Gonner

Edward Dermot Ledlie Gonner was a public school educated man from a well off middle class family who enlisted 4 days after Britain entered the war, died in service as an officer in 1918 but was never awarded a medal.

EDL Gonner jpg.jpg

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Richard Fletcher


This biography was written by Victoria Doran.

At 43, Richard Fletcher was one of the older men to die. He only joined the Merchant Marine during the war.

Horse Fair, Wolverhampton jpg.jpg

Horse Fair, Wolverhampton with St Peter’s church in the background  

Copyright Wolverhampton Arts and Museum Service

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John Russell


This biography was written by Victoria Doran.

Jack Russell was one of many who died in the Battle of the Somme. He had returned from Australia to enlist in the Liverpool Rifles but died as a member of a Trench Mortar Battery.

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