Edwin Blackaller Poston


This post was written by Victoria Doran.

Edwin Blackaller Poston is one of the names listed in the Deeside Advertiser in December 1922 who actually survived the war.

In his case there is good reason for the confusion as his death had actually been reported in the same newspaper in September 1918.

EBP report of death DA 1918 09 27 jpg.jpg

Deeside Advertiser of 27 September 1918

Edwin Blackaller Poston was the older brother of Percy James Poston. His background and early life are covered in Percy’s biography.

After leaving school he seems to have emigrated to Canada in 1913, though he has not been found on a passenger list. He was certainly in Winnipeg, Manitoba on 25 September 1914, working as a clerk, when he attested to join the Canadian Army. He gave his date of birth as 1894 not 1896, thus appearing to be aged 19 not still age 17 and under age. He was a tall lad at 5 ft 11 in. This was presumably when he joined Lord Strathcona’s Horse.

Nothing is available of his military records except for his attestations.

On 4 January 1917 he once again attested to join the Canadian Army, this time giving his correct date of birth. He was back in Winnipeg, and stated that he had served 1 year 8 months the previous time. This would have had him discharged about May 1916. He was once again accepted by the Canadian Army, by now being 6 ft 1 in tall.

On 6 December 1917 he crossed the border from Canada into North Dakota, USA at Pemberton.

On 24 August 1918 he completed a US Draft Registration in Pasadena, California. He was working in a hotel.

EBP US draft jpg.jpg

Edwin’s US Draft Card

This agrees with the newspaper article telling of his death.

Note that his mother has already left West Kirby and moved to Great Yarmouth. Also as this is only one month before the Deeside Advertiser report, it refutes the fact that he had been dead and buried ‘for several months’.

On 7 April 1919 his mother knew he was alive as she gave him as a surviving next of kin on the claim for Percy’s medals.


from brother Percy’s service record

In 1940 Edwin changed his name to simple Edwin Poston as evidenced by the following item from the US Naturalization Index.

EPB name change jpg.jpg

During his life he worked as a railway signal man, and later as a warehouseman and foreman.

He married an American, Myrtle Dodge but does not seem to have had any children.

According to the US Social Security Index, Edwin Blackaller Poston died in May 1983 at Fremont, Alameda, California, aged 86 .

No record has been found of him ever visiting England.


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