Alan Ingham


This post was written by Victoria Doran.

Although Alan Ingham is included in the list in the Deeside Advertiser when the War Memorial was ‘unveiled’ he did not actually die.

Alan Ingham (1895 – ???) was the youngest brother of Ernest Victor Ingham.

Alan was seriously injured during the war, being awarded a Silver War Badge when he was discharged with the rank of Sergeant from the 5th Battalion of the King’s Liverpool Regiment on 16 July 1918.

However he did not die of his injuries.

This is evidenced by the passenger list of the ‘Scythia’ which departed from Liverpool on 5 April 1930 for Canada. Alan was accompanied by his wife Irene. He gave his last UK address as 7 Hilbre Road, West Kirby and the contact there as William Ingham (brother).

Alan Ingham passenger 1930 a jpg.jpg

Alan Ingham passenger 1930 b jpg.jpg

from the Canadian passenger list of the Scythia

William was the eldest of the 5 Ingham brothers.


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