Arnold Frost Hood Daniel


This biography was written by Victoria Doran.

This is one of the names unknown to Stephen Roberts at the start of this project. Although not very well known in West Kirby, he died there and is buried in St Bridget’s Churchyard, where his grave is recognised by the Commonwealth War Graves Commission.

AF HD jpg.jpg

Arnold Frost Hood Daniel  was born on 10 October 1881 in Bristol, Gloucestershire. He was the 3rd child and 3rd son of Harry Augustus Hood Daniel (1853-1945) and Margaret Dunlop (1854-1938). He was followed by 3 sisters.

He came from a middle class family, his father being an auctioneer with West Indian property interests. However his father eventually went bankrupt in 1914.

His paternal grandfather, Henry (1826-1912) was known as just as Henry Daniel until 1861. Following the deaths of his only brother-in-law John Hood and his father-in-law Stephen Hood in the early months of 1861, he added his wife Ellen’s surname of Hood in front of Daniel, and from then on the family were known as Hood Daniel. This was presumably to continue the Hood name. Neither Stephen nor John seem to have left any money.

In 1891 the Hood Daniel family lived at The Manor House, Keynsham near Bristol and the household included 4 servants. Clearly a comfortable lifestyle. Ten years later, in 1901, the family were at Hill End Grove, Henbury, Gloucestershire about 10 miles on the other side of Bristol from Keynsham.  Only 2 sons, including Arnold, were at home, and the family had 3 servants. Arnold was articled to an architect.

On 29 December 1910 Arnold married Lucy Isabel Rayner in the then new  St Hildeburgh’s church in Hoylake.

Arnold F Hood Daniel marriage - snipped.JPG

Lucy was the youngest of the 3 daughters of John Andrew Edward Rayner (1858-1925) and Emily Agnes Kemble (1859-1941). This was another well off family, John Rayner being a manufacturer of chemicals and employing household servants. Lucy was born and lived in Liverpool until at least 1901, but the family had moved to Stanley Road, Hoylake by the time of her marriage.

By the time of his marriage, Arnold was living at Wye in Kent where he was lecturer at Wye College. Since 1898 this had been a School of Agriculture within the University of London. It was originally founded in 1477. Quite why an architect was lecturing at a School of Agriculture is unclear.

Wye College.jpg

Wye College from Wikipedia

“Wye-college”. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikipedia –

In 1911 Arnold and Lucy were boarding in The Square at Chilham. This was only 6 miles from the college.

On 2 February 1912 their son John Anthony Hood Daniel was born at his maternal grandparents’ home. By this time the Rayners had moved to Graham Road, West Kirby.

From a family memoir, it is known that the young family lived in a farmhouse in Kent, again employing servants.

Arnold enlisted as a Private in 1914, serving in the 5th Battalion, East Kent Regiment (The Buffs).

East Kent Regiment cap badge jpg.jpg

East Kent Regiment cap badge

On 15 December 1914 the London Gazette recorded his promotion to 2nd Lieutenant in the same regiment. On 1 June 1916 he was promoted to Temporary Lieutenant. He must subsequently have been posted elsewhere as, on 29 November 1915, he was restored to the establishment of the East Kent Regiment, still as a Lieutenant. Finally on 9 February 1916 he was promoted to temporary Captain.

It would appear that all his service took place in England as there is no record of him being awarded any medals.

However he was stricken with cancer, and on 28 January 1917 he died at his wife’s parents home of Gatesgarth, Graham Road, West Kirby aged 35.

AF Hood Daniel newspaper - Deeside Herald.JPG

He was buried at St Bridget in a grave used by the Rayner family.

Arnold Hood Daniel - grave a.JPG

Arnold is also one of 127 names from the First World War on the Wye College War Memorial.

His wife, Lucy,  remarried in 1923, had further children and died in Basel, Switzerland in 1960.

Birth: 10 Oct 1881 in Bristol
Death: 28 Jan 1917 at Gatesgarth, Graham Road, West Kirby; illness
Addresses: Manor House, Keynsham, Somerset (91); Hill End Grove, Henbury, Gloucestershire (01); The Square, Chilham, Kent (11)
Occupation: architect; lecturer at Wye College, Kent
‘C’ Company 2nd/5th Battalion, East Kent Regiment (The Buffs)
Rank: Captain
Medals: none
Buried: St Bridget Churchyard, West Kirby
Commemorated : Wye College Memorial, Wye, Kent
Sources:  CWGC, DA, Census: 91, 01, 11,  Wye College website, Probate, LG, PR, ancestry tree


3 thoughts on “Arnold Frost Hood Daniel

  1. Hello Victoria
    Did Arnold’s son John Anthony Hood-Daniel live in Woolstone, Oxfordshire from 1968 – 1996 with his wife Diana? I am trying to contact a relative who may be able to help with an enquiry about the property known as Mole House in Woolstone where an elderly couple in the name of Hood-Daniel lived during this time. If you could help I would be most grateful. Thank you

    • Hi Alison

      My information came from a public family tree on which states that John Anthony Hood Daniel lived at Mole House from 1975 to 1995. If you have access to ancestry (available at public libraries in many areas) you can find a lot more by searching ‘family trees’ for ‘John Anthony Hood Daniel’.

      Good luck


  2. Hi Alison

    My information comes from a family tree on which states that he lived at Mole House from 1875 to 1995. His wife was Diana Brown. If you have access to ancestry (available at public libraries in many area) just search ‘family trees’ for ‘John Anthony Hood Daniel’ and you will find a great deal of public information.

    Good Luck


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