William Henry Bloor


Captain William Henry Bloor

Captain William Henry Bloor

Billy Bloor was the eighth child and third son of the ten children of Alderman Henry Bloor (1851-1928) of Northwich and Margaret Ann Cross (1854-1931) of Keighly, who married in about 1876. Before moving to Hoylake sometime between 1901 and 1911, the Bloor family was settled in Birkenhead, where Alderman Bloor served as Chairman of the Water Committee. He laid the first stone of the Alwyn Dam and Reservoir on 3rd October 1911.

Billy attended Birkenhead School and later became an apprentice in the Thames and Mersey Marine Insurance Company Ltd.. He eventually worked for the National Provident Institution. Billy is remembered as having a love of horses and joined the Denbighshire Yeomanry in 1907; he served as a bodyguard for the Prince of Wales during his investiture at Caernarfon Castle on 13th July 1911.

By the time the Great War began, Billy was a sergeant in the Yeomanry. Two of his brothers were also serving. All three of them were depicted in the Birkenhead News of 19th September 1914 and are shown below:

Bloor Brothers 1914

Bloor Brothers 1914

Billy arrived in France on 29th November 1915 and was later commissioned and transferred to the Artillery. At one point, he fell ill, “but was so well liked” by his major that the latter asked “that he might be returned to his regiment as soon as his health permitted him to.” By the time of his death, Billy had been an acting major and his brother Reginald Percy (see above) had won the Military Medal.

Captain Billy Bloor's Medal Card

Captain Billy Bloor’s Medal Card

After his death, Billy’s colonel wrote: “He was a very gallant and capable officer, and was
greatly loved by the officers and men of the brigade.” His chaplain wrote: “I admired his simple, manly character immensely: he was so good to the men and so thoroughly capable
and dependable.” There is a family grave in Flaybrick Cemetery which bears the inscription “To whom the call from King and country rang so clearly forth, that instantly he rose and bore him gravely ‘til life’s splendid close.”

Birth: 18th June 1891 in Tranmere
Death: 3rd January 1918, aged 27
Addresses: 39 Beresford Street, Oxton (01); 59 Church Road, Hoylake (11) Garswood, Curzon Road, Hoylake (18)
Occupation: Apprentice in Marine Insurance
Unit: The Denbighshire Hussars (Yeomanry) and “C” Battery 149th Brigade. Royal Field Artillery
Number and Ranks: 5065 Sergeant, Captain and Acting Major
Medals: 1915 Star, Victory and British War
Commemorated and Buried: H, BC (as William H. Blore),  Belgium: Reninghelst New Military Cemetery IV. A. 9.
Sources: BR, CWGC, SDGW, MC, FT, BN, DA, BOB, Census: 01, 11


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