George Ricardo Simpson


George was not a native of the West Kirby area, but he attended the Leas School on Meols Drive in Hoylake and his death was reported in the Deeside Advertiser on 6th September 1918 with the headline “Hoylake ‘Old Boy’ Dies of Wounds”. He began life in Chester, where his parents, Ricardo Simpson (1861-1941) and Florence Mayall (1867-1953), who had married at Birkdale St. James’s Church in Lancashire in 1892, brought him up in a luxurious sixteen-roomed house. Ricardo was a salt merchant and was clearly very well off because he employed four servants. When he died, his estate was valued at £90,448 9s 10d. By that time he and Florence were living in Wiltshire, where Ricardo had been master of the Courtenay Tracey Otter Hounds between 1934 and 1935. When Florence died, her estate was valued at £52,008 10s 11d.

The Leas School Meols Drive

The Leas School Meols Drive

We do not know when George attended the Leas School, but by 1911 he was a boarder at Radley College, a private school in Berkshire. He was just about to go up to Oxford when war was declared. He became a temporary second lieutenant in the Cheshire Regiment on 22nd September 1914. According to his medal card he went to France in March 1915. His rank was made permanent on 7th April 1915, by which time he was in the 3rd Battalion the Cheshire Regiment. By the time of his death he was a lieutenant and attached to the 1st Battalion, which was part of the 5th Division. George is buried near Boulogne in a cemetery which contains 4,378 British Burials. It lay near to numerous hospitals. George must have been in one of them when he died. His will was proved on 9th April 1919 and his effects, valued at £7,772 6s 8d were bequeathed to his father. George appears to have been an only child, which must have heightened his parents’ sense of loss and bereavement.

George Ricardo Simpson Medal Card

George Ricardo Simpson Medal Card

Birth October 1895 in Chester
Death 30th August 1918, died of wounds, aged 22
Addresses: Newton Bank, Newton By Chester (01), Radley College, Abingdon, Berkshire (11)
Unit: 3rd Bn. Cheshire Regiment, attached to 1st Bn.
Number and Rank: Lieutenant
Medals: 1915 Star, Victory and British War
Commemorated and Buried: Upton By Chester, France: Terlincthun British Cemetery, Wimille II.F.29.
Sources: SDGW, MC, DA, LE, LG, Prob., Census: 01, 11


2 thoughts on “George Ricardo Simpson

  1. George Ricardo Simpson was to have come up to Merton College, Oxford, but the war intervened. Nonetheless, like a number of others who never got the chance to matriculate, he is remembered on the College’s War Memorial.

    Should anybody come across a photograph of him, I would be grateful to receive a copy.

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