Edwin Kingsley Poole


This post was written by Victoria Doran

Edwin Kingsley Poole is only known about from the Book of Remembrance. He served  from the earliest days of the war, and died from illness more than 2 years after he was demobbed in 1919. However his family considered that he died because of the war, so he is included in our records.

E K Poole BR entry.jpeg

Book of Remembrance entry

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Thomas McNaught

THOMAS MCNAUGHT  written by Linda Trim

Thomas was on the Hoylake & West Kirby Advertiser list of war dead in 1922 for the Hoylake & West Kirby area, but in fact never lived in North West Wirral.

Liverpool Scottish Cap Badge.JPG

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Albert Ernest Mann


This post was written by Victoria Doran

Albert Ernest Mann is a name included on both the Hoylake Roll of Honour and the list in the 1922 Deeside Advertiser, but he does not appear on the Grange Hill War Memorial. He was a member of the Canadian Infantry, and married during the war, though he enjoyed less than a week of married life before returning to the Western Front.

10th Canadians cap badge.jpg

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Harold David Jones



This post was written by Victoria Doran.

Harold Jones was an orphan who came to Hoylake on leaving school and worked for a baker and grocer. He enlisted a few months before conscription was introduced and served in the Cheshire Regiment.

Harold David Jones photo.jpeg

Harold David Jones

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